Tell me who you are working with…

Recently, I had a gig in Odessa, Ukraine. The promoter commented that the majority of the Spanish DJs/producers often stick together but that I am a lone wolf. He said I give the perception that I am not from Spain. I was reflecting on his truthful words, that I tend to work and team up with people outside of Spain that are thousands of miles away, and asked myself, why?

A few days later, my wife read a newspaper interview about an interior designer that stated, “In majority of the popular magazines pertaining to it’s topic, they always feature the same people, which are the same circle of friends.” People tend to do work with others who are close by rather than putting an effort into searching for people who should work. Instead of searching for the ideal person or company that would be more enjoyable and/or profitable to work with, one ends up working with what you have at hand simply because they are readily accessible. However, it is not in my nature to stay with the closest and easiest, I always try to analyze my thoughts before making any decisions and at times is very difficult, but the end result is gratifying.

On the other hand, everyone knows that getting yourself in the media spotlight via interviews with reputable magazines etc… makes you look bigger. With that comes individuals who tend to hang around and/or associate themselves with a magazine until they become the topic of conversation for the magazines just because they are readily available. I don’t mean the proper advertisements, for sure they need these to survive but magazines need to find the balance between paid content/advertising and real news not only for their own credibility, but to maintain a respect for truth and professionalism.

In my opinion, it is essential to maintain an ethical and professional commitment to truth. I do not think anyone will like an interior design magazine made for a “bunch of friends”, similarly, like a DJ’s magazine which writes what it has been told to and not about the truth. Magazines should investigate a bit deeper to dig for news about what is currently happening in the industry and speak to DJ’s/Producers who are passionate about their job for the right reasons. These days it seems like the media reports on what is popular, much like pop-culture.

If a magazine can not find the balance between real content and advertising, they will face the risk of becoming a mixture of a local mafia and/or a promotional outfit with the consequences of losing readers, at least intelligent readers…

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