Remix or version, that’s the question…

I recently created a version of the well-known “Hale Bopp” theme, which was composed by Andreas Kruger under the pseudonym Der Dritte Raum, recorded by Manuskript publishing, and edited by Virgin in 1998. My version went out under the Sander Van Door Doorn Record label as Dr. Kucho! – “Hale Bopp.”

This launch reminded me that the public doesn’t know the difference between a remix and a version, since I have already seen comments around the social networks indicating it was strange that the name of the original artist did not appear on the Doorn Records recording. It is completely normal for people to feel like fish out of water in this sphere; in the end, the only ones who understand these things in detail are people within the industry… Or not… since what really motivated me to write this column was the same comment I had seen several times on the social networks made by an internationally recognized DJ on the page of feedback the label gave me: “…it should have been Der Dritte Raum “Hale Bopp” (Dr. Kucho! remix)” …I’m sorry to say that is not the case.

I want to take this opportunity to elaborate on the definitions of “remix” and “version” in order to clarify that one is the artist and the other the composer who, though sometimes the same person, is not always.

Remix: A more or less free interpretation of a theme that requires a request to the label possessing the rights to use the original recording. The label provides the necessary audio clips to the remixer, who will use the entirety or some of them and will add new parts to the audio at his choosing. The name first and foremost on the recording will be the original artist’s. Mentioning the remixer in the title of the remix is customary but not required.

Version: A more or less free interpretation of a theme that any artist can create at any point of their own free will as long as they respect the melody and the lyrics of the original. In a version, you make a new recording and do not work with original clips; therefore, you do not need permission from the original label.

It is important to remember that, on a remix as well as a version, the composer must be credited on the disc, in fine print.

Dr. Kucho! “Hale Bopp” is a version; no one asked me to do it and no one gave me the original recordings. In the credits, you will see the phrase “composed by Andreas Kruger and published by Manuskript;” therefore, both Mr. Kruger and Manuskript receive their dues in the form of authors’ rights. As it is a version, it does not need permission from the original label (Virgin), and I did not use the pseudonym Der Dritte Raum because, as it is the property of another person, that would be illegal and could get me in a fine mess. That is why the correct name for my version is Dr. Kucho! “Hale Bopp,” and not Der Dritte Raum “Hale Bopp (Dr. Kucho! remix).”

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