Miami or not

Every DJ should go to the WMC. On the plane, you will meet a lot of your peers and take part in traditional “one-upping,” where each one tries to seem more important than the other, talking about sites where they’ve recently played and the highest rank a song of theirs has reached on this or that chart. A classic you will enjoy for sure…or not. 

Once there, it is more or less the same, but on an international level; you try to talk to as many important people as you can, give them a CD with your music so they can keep it with the 20 other CDs they will be given and listen to it when they have time…or not. If you are reasonably well-known, you will also eat lunch with all the promos you’re given and set aside two weeks of your life to listen to all the CDs…or not. 

Gigs!!!! Of course, all the clubs open to accommodate large line-ups for a week. The number of DJs at each line-up is inversely proportional to the popularity level of the DJs; that is, the lesser-known the DJ, the more people will play that night, which ensures that the time allotted to each will be less than an hour. But it’s fine…you can do a lot with that amount of time…or not. 

There is also a relationship between the importance of the club and the popularity of the DJ; that means, the night that you play, there will probably be a super famous DJ playing two streets up in a much better known club. You will also have to take into account another 15 events similar to yours with equally loaded line-ups. But don’t worry, during the WMC, enough people go out to party that someone will come to yours…or not.

If you have enough contacts, you could get invited to a big beach party, which is always amazingly packed!!! Of course…those people don’t go to see you, nor probably the other 30 DJs lined up. They go because it’s a beach party, but that’s fine. You’ll play your extensive 30 minutes, which is what counts…right? Attending big events is crucial. You have to be seen. You have to talk to everyone even though you have nothing to say. You have to try to achieve there what you haven’t been able to achieve with your music: that when they come to their country, they remember you. So you know, really pay attention to the events every night and only show up at the good ones. You are an important DJ and that’s why you only go to the important events to pay 15 dollars for a drink, so packed with crushed ice that hardly a full shot of whiskey makes it in when they pour. But these things are trivial, man! You have to promote yourself and that has a price. Also, not really a big deal: your flight, a hotel that’s not 50 miles from the action, eating out and whiskey slushes aren’t going to be more than 3000 euros, maybe 3500…besides, you’ll recuperate that money with all the coin you’ll make in Miami…Oh wait! Nobody pays the fees to DJs at the WMC… Look on the bright side, if you play once or twice a night in those clubs, at least you’ll get free drinks…or NOT.

Well, at least you’ll have a ton of flyers with your name on them; though, with so many DJs in the line-up at the same level, your name will almost be too small to read…Although…it doesn’t matter, because the only important thing is that you can tell everyone that this year you played for a ton of parties in Miami, because surely there are some people who still haven’t heard what is the deal on the WMC is and you’ll get them to think you’re a superstar…or not… 

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