Computer do the rest

Commodore Amiga 500

This week I spoke to a friend that I didn’t meet for a long time:
– Hey Kucho, what are you doing right now?
– I’m doing a videogame
I showed him the video of my game “Ghosts n’ DJs” uploaded to youtube. He watched it for a second…
– It’s cool, how do you do this?, with some kind of template?.

A template!!!, who are you?, my father?.

23 years ago my father saw me in my bedroom with my computer, making music and he didn’t understand:
– What are you doing exactly?, you take music that it’s already done and you modify it somehow?.

No daddy, I’m actually making music…

Again, about my friend, is that usual to think that a DJ or a producer can’t program computers?. Well, honestly, if you see superstar DJs of today I can understand it… But, anyway, I felt so bad, just like when I started making music and people thought: “Oh, yes, dance music: you push some buttons and the computer do the rest”.

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